Hong Kong, Baby

(Gaea Records, 2009)


1. Bird Of The Birds

The strangest thing happened to me
It was last night when I couldn’t sleep
The little bird-pals were talking about
Their holiday experiences so loud

Who is the bird of birds in town
Singing na naa na na na na na na now
And duu du du duu du du du du all around
If my head wasn’t so small I’d wear a crown

I’m 100 % sure they said:
“Hello honey, did you get laid?”
“No, but Sally and Grace did
Thou I ain’t bitter, not a bit”

Little birds were talking about
Holiday experiences so loud


2. Beef Rice

There are bad boys in this train
Again, again, again
Now they’re starting bang, bang, bang

Unlike the other story
This ain’t have no glory
The boys are from a gang, gang, gang

This is terror, don’t do error
Or I’ll flip it, whip it, quit it

At the corner little me
As small as I can be
If I smile, they’ll let me free?

But I ain’t even noticed
Boys’ heads must be filled with piss
I would’ve been the best hostage


3. Angus

Angus wasn’t at all like the other piranha
Didn’t want to be bad like the normal piranha
Never felt comfortable with those evil piranha
So he left his home and friends to find some nicer piranha

The piranha world!
Oh you wouldn’t want to live in piranha world
The piranha world!
No you wouldn’t want to live in piranha world
It’s a bad place to be
You wouldn’t want to see
It’s a dark and cold
The piranha world!

Very soon Angus learned that there are no nice piranha
And he found a friend called Bruno who was a whale not a piranha
He now lives in the sea always avoiding other piranha
He’s the only one if you want to meet a friendly piranha

He won’t bite no one
So you wouldn’t have to run
He won’t bite no one
Wouldn’t shoot if you gave him a gun


4. Zombie

If you don’t believe me I can swear that every word is true
I met this Zombie in a pub called “Trombi”
And he told me his lifestory
Neverminding his appearance (the customers had fleed to terrace)
He started talking, made me nodding
And I could do nothing but listen
Because he was so odd, so hear me

Zombie behave
Howcome did you lose your babe
Three times you have yourself betrayed
She even has the same sized shoe
Is this what you are oughtta do?

He said that “The thing is that, I used to be an unshaped prat
And I did really much enjoy
making people feel flat, oh boy!
But once I met my little Janice, I lost my cool and went to panic
She was a beautie and my duty
was to let her down, I would have made her frown
I even ate my leg to proof it”

Zombie behave
Howcome did you eat your leg
Three times you have yourself betrayed
She even has the same sized shoe
Is this what you are oughtta do?


5. Jail

One day you came to me and said to me that you’ve got
Something for me to hide today
“Now keep it secret”, then you handed me a small box
“And have it with you while I am away”

Oh no I ain’t no afraid
Naughty ones go to jail
I’ve done nothing wrong
Mom don’t be mad for long

You’ve always been my hero, so ofcourse I’d help you
Sure you would do the same for me
But what was inside of this box I just could not to
Prevent myself, I needed to see

The second after you left, I heard knock knock on my
Door and a very angry voice:
“We know you have got it, so do not start to cry
You are arrested and this was your choice


6. Okto

Okto is an octopussy named Okto
He forgets everything in five seconds
Only few like him straight away
but when you get to know him
you will love him

When he tries to speak to you
he sounds a bit like mr. Bean
It’s so funny when he swims upside down
He is happy everywhere
Never worries ’bout a thing
He is the best octopussy I’ve ever known

Okto’s brains contains only three brain cells
He is very satisfied with his life and himself
‘Cause if something bad happened
he wouldn’t understand it
He would just be


7. The Everlasting Difficulty Of Important Choices

Skirt or trousers
or those nice jeans, oh shush-
they are dirty.
And which shirt should I wear?
What can I do to my hair?

Why does it have to be so damn impossible
to find clothes for tonight oh
My closet’s full of dull and boring clothes
and I’m gonna look like shit for sure

Which jacket should I wear?
Is it cold out there?
Fu these shoes don’t match
oh please make the train wait for me

And my face looks shapeless my left eye is so stupid.
There’s no time to make up anymore so I’ll look y‰‰h

Uh, I look like a sausage!

Everybody’s going there and gonna be so pretty
I’ve just got these beaten up shoes and they look so ugly

My closet’s full of dull and boring clothes
and I’ll be laughed at anyway so fuck-
I’ll just go naked.


8. Hero Sounds

Right after watching My Blueberry Nights
I might just have a bite
We had this mega pillow fight

Just you and I (and my roommate)
We didn’t need no Barry White
You asked me if I was your babe

Ofcourse I told you I was

“Let’s do it like the heroes do”
I didn’t quite understand what you ment
But then I followed you to where
I could not tell

I know you are soon leaving home
But I ain’t no alone
I’ll sing you this song in a phone


9. Sad Song

Quite many nights I have
Heard Jeff Buckley singing
Although he’s already dead
He sings: “She was heartache from the
Moment that you meet her” and
I think she is like me

It feels funny that I don’t know you anymore
I just know so well the boy that you were before
The last year we were together I did everything so wrong
I think I’d be better now but I know that it doesn’t count

And I haven’t found a love song
That would help me out of this
So I had to make my own, my own
This is my sad song, love song,
sad song, love song

You were always sad ’cause you
Lost your History -album
The one by Michael Jackson
I hope that you got it now and I
Want you to know that I’ve been
Really sad ’cause I lost you

We made songs together and the lyrics were like shit
But it was the best time just like all the times with you
You always made me laugh and without you I wouldn’t be
Even this sane and quite normal that I am today

And I know that I am guilty
I think I know it too well
And all the time I’m just talking and crying about this
When you’re just trying to forget


10. Where Did You Go?

I watch the moon
and then you wake up
what did you see-ee?
Fireflies fly up.

Where did you go?
Where did you go?
You swallowed me
behind the sea

Now it’s so cold
I took your cardigan
You left it he-ear
the scent won’t wear off.

I’m waiting here for you
please do come home soon
I left the window open
So you could climb to me
if you forgot your keys.

I watch you sleep
but then I fall too
And in my dre-eams
fireflies fly up.


11. Sarra

Sarra, you’re the cutest girl in the world
Sarra, you’re the smallest one too
I can only be the second best but I don’t mind
I know that your shoe size is only 35

If you are a boy
And you don’t have a girlfriend
Then you should consider
To take this girl I know to be your
Cutest girlfriend ever
But actually I don’t know
I she has a boyfriend
But you still can ask
Her name is

Sarra, she’s the cutest girl in the world
Sarra, she’s the smallest one too
I can only be the second best but I don’t mind
I know that her shoe size is only 35

If you are a girl
You can maybe be her friend but
Only if you are nice
And that is the rule for the boys too
I am really proud ’cause
I know her so well that
I even got her number
Her number is 040-50…
Won’t tell the rest
Her name is

SARRA! You’re the cutest
SARRA! You’re the smallest


Cute sings domdididom
In this little song and
That fits really great ’cause
Sarra is so cute and little
And she is so pretty also
And so nice and small and fun
I don’t have anything bad to say
About her