Milkbar, Baby



    1. The Most Shortest Song Ever Please Thank You

    I love you,
    I hate you

    Thank you.


    2. Go Away

    My little brother has started to date
    Why should I bother, he’s been there since eight
    But my own mother lives in a hate
    ‘Cause the new Cindy didn’t turn out too great

    Go away Cindy
    Go, go, why don’t you go,
    We don’t wanna see your show!
    Why can’t he be gay?

    She is so bimbo, she can’t even think
    She listens to Dingo, her car is too pink


    3. Angela Brown

    This one I learned from a TV-commercial
    I took your beers right out of the fridge
    Heated them up in the microwave oven
    Then put them back to their place when you came home

    My name is Angela Brown

    You know how much I hate all little creatures
    Still you grow up some bees at our place
    One of them got itself under my tea mug
    And oops it went right down the drain!

    Naa naa naa


    4. Somewhere I’d Be Worshipped

    Little girl likes Poets Of The Fall,
    it’s almost Pintandwefall,
    so she’s our fan

    Her favourite song is a part of a song,
    the part with the trioli
    She’s just six so I didn’t think she’d listen to
    that kinda music
    The other girl just five but likes them too
    listens to them every day
    Her favourite song is not the same song,
    to her is more beautiful

    Song number twelve and eleven,
    those are the great songs
    Pintandwefall doesn’t actually have
    that many songs yet
    We’re getting there though with a new set of songs
    I think they’re all brilliant!
    Everyone participates in our band,
    I think it’s also brilliant!


    5. Cute And Lovelo

    If I jump like this, am I cute and lovely?
    If I smile like this, am I cute and lovely?
    If I sing like this, am I cute and lovely?
    If I pee like this, am I cute and lovely?

    I am cute and lovely, no matter what I do
    I am cute and lovely, no matter what I do

    If I drink your beer, am I cute and lovely?
    If I steal your car, am I cute and lovely?
    If I fuck your girlfriend, am I cute and lovely? (UUH AAH)
    If I kill your mom, am I cute and lovely?


    6. Jack White

    I had this dream last night
    It was about Jack White
    We were kings at the Mario-level
    And we thought we looked pretty clever

    Oh no! I cannot stop thinking about him
    Jack White’s my new day dream pimp
    When I hear his guitar slide
    I know I no more need to fly


    7. (Who Could Ever Enjoy That) Rude And Fat

    No one ever wanted to play with Ben from second floor
    He was rude and he was fat, who could ever enjoy that?
    When we came to teenage everyone started to date
    But no one went out with Ben, his mom couldn’t stand the smell

    The he became a big boss, got wealthy like the pig he was
    I saw this was my chanse to catch a role in a better class

    Bo-booppi-doo I’m your Betty Boop
    If you really want me to
    But please don’t let me know
    What’s under your track-suit

    Ben’s still rude and he is fat but I got quickly used to that
    He pays the bills and that suits me as long as in bed we aren’t we


    8. I Hate Domestic Work

    I’ve got a refridgerator
    It’s got magnets on its’ door
    I’ve got a microwave oven
    It ain’t got magnets on its’ floor

    I wash dishes with my hands
    I don’t really trust machines
    My home-made apple pie’s the best
    I don’t trust pudding cans

    I love my kitchen tools,
    ‘Couse I’m a kitchen lady
    I am a pretty house wife
    I guess you’d like to play with me

    I hate domestic work
    It really makes me sick
    I hate domestic work
    It really fucking sucks

    Vacuum cleaner


    9. What Is Shark

    Sharks are amazing fish
    They live all over the world
    They’ve been around for quite long
    They eat all the people

    Grey shak, Blue shark, Hammerhead shark,
    Lemon shark, Nurse shark, Galapagos shark,
    Tiger shark, Angel shark, Great White shark,
    Whale shark, Bull shark, Megamouth shark

    Sharks may have up to 3000 teeth at one time

    Sharks don’t have bones
    They can only swim forward
    They can be over a 100 years old
    And they eat all the people


    10. Alienlovesong

    He brought her flowers
    They took long showers
    And talked for hours
    It was kinda gross

    I’m gonna get you back

    When the aliens first came to earth, they were pretty friendly,
    And then they learned to speak our languages and took away our garbages
    But then they got all pissed off, ’cause we ran out of cheese-hamburgers
    And then they went back to their home and brought a gun that blew us up

    USA was his birthland
    He brought home sand
    He fucked her band
    And his socks smells bad


    11. Joel’s Allergy

    Hey look there’s Joel
    It wasn’t his fault
    But vitamins messed his head
    Now he’s all turned red

    I saw this happen in TV once before
    And even much more
    From the channel four

    Joel and I used to be pirates
    But now between us is silence
    I believe he’s mad at me
    Oh say it wasn’t that apple tree?