Roy Peter Mike and Ken, Baby



    1. Kinski & Ismo

    Best friends and brothers
    Kinski and Ismo are the lovers
    They hang around above the others
    And will never be someone’s fathers

    Roll the rug and dance like mad
    Kurrrr, I’m a cat hag
    They are my sweet kittens
    I will never turn them into mittens

    Crazy cat
    How did you think you’d catch
    That little fly
    Thou you cannot fly

    Best friends and brothers
    Kinski and Ismo are the lovers
    They are my sweet kittens
    I will never turn them into mittens


    2. Doughnuts

    My mom baked delicious doughnuts
    To be eaten at the party by us
    But even Robert didn’t wanna taste
    Everybody thinks my doughnuts are waste

    So there I was under the table
    Trying to look miserable
    But no one noticed that I was gone
    I didn’t stay there for too long


    3. Second Hand Thoughts

    Woke up this morning, no hangover
    sun was shining in my eye
    It rains no more and my socks are getting dry
    Got my shoes back yesterday

    Went in the kitchen to feed my cats
    One of them was sleeping on my Miele microway

    It is the perfect day
    Nothing but ice cream, strawberries and whipped cream
    It is the perfect day
    I’m on my holiday and I think I get along with the world

    Today there’s Roy, Peter, Mike and Ken
    hanging out with me
    We’re playing Cluedo, though I get scared
    Am I still cuta and lovelo?

    Taking our hats and cats and bags
    Daydreaming of a trip to Fairy Princess Land


    4. Duck Duck

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Slightly mad, neurotic, baby
    I hang myself hang myself on you
    I was never supposed to be like this
    I hate the world at times you’re not mine to kiss

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Now stop the

    Stupidity and the mega fears for zillion years
    Plus the jealousy and we, we dig too deep

    Now this is deep
    I’m glad you’re not this geek
    I know you’ll pretty soon hate me
    Now what’s a wrong with me baby?
    I only make our lives a hell daily


    5. Panic Disorder

    Panic disorder
    I’m afraid of airplanes
    I’m afraid of ships
    I’m afraid of too long bridges
    I’m afraid of DEATH

    I’m afraid of fast heart rate
    I’m afraid of space
    I’m afraid of driving in dark
    I’m afraid of DEATH

    But mostly i am just afraid of getting a panic attack

    When I’m in panic i say: “Oh no o-ou o-ou!”
    When youre in panic you say: “Oh no o-ou o-ou!”
    Let’s be in panic all together and say: “Oh no o-ou o-ou oh no!”

    Panic disorder
    I’m afraid of going crazy
    I’m afraid of heights
    I’m afraid of getting ill
    I’m afraid of DEATH

    I’m afraid of too loud noices
    I’m afraid of starts
    I’m afraid of what you think of me
    I’m afraid of DEATH


    6. Watsaka

    I said to you
    You say to me
    but there’s no substance
    Wham bam whatyoucan

    Why didn’t you never ever tell me
    Why did you hide me where you’ve been, what you did
    Who was it that you felt more than me
    I want to know now where you did, what you did

    I try to say
    but you don’t listen
    Answer to me!
    Are you even there?

    I say it twice
    what’s on your mind
    but you just kiss me
    Wham bam whatyoucan

    And there’s a silence after I talk
    A pause too long
    I think if this can be it


    7. <3

    No no no, pose to me
    Be classy, show your teeth
    I won’t put it on the internet
    But just think of how many <3's you'd get