Uuh Aah, Baby



1. Volga

Peter is my boy
He makes me enjoy
But his only toy
Is my brother Roy

I’m not blind
I’m not your kind
I remember the time
I saw you with Mike

Now he’s there again
With his dear old friend
Now I won’t care
I’ve found a new Ken



2. Agentina

Pack your bags and
Leave all your cat’s and
Take your hats and
Just come with me

Aa, that’s where I want to go-o-o

You’ll meet your Ron and
Have some fun and
Play in the sun and
Just come with me


3. Sex Song

I daydream every time
That you’d be by my side
Someday I will find
The Boy right from behind

Touch me now inside
I’ll do to you something you’d like
And if you make me feel nice
I’ll let you taste from my pint

No more you will hide
You come to me by your bike
‘Couse you think my ass is so tight
Our game will last the whole night



4. That X-Box

Cluedo ain’t my game YEH
‘cos it’s scary
and I don’t like puzzles
‘cos the’re too heavy

Twister is allright YEH
but it can get too
boring if you have to
play it alone

I don’t know how to draw YEH
so pictionary
ain’t my cup of tee NO
and neither is scrabble

Monopoly is too hard YEH
I never win there
and chess I’ve got clue of
how to play it

I have an X-Box,
You’ve got Nintendo,
But that’s a bit different, YEH

Backgammon I can’t spell YEH
so I won’t play it
and oak it is too dull it’s got
only two colours

I dislike playing cards YEH
because the hearts always
slip away from my hands
it’s so depressing

Roulette is too tough YEH
and alias I like but
no-one ever get’s my

Sex is one I like YEH
but I don’t think it
qualifies as a game so
all I know is


5. I Ate Too Many Carrots

Woke up this morning with hangover
It’s hitting me to the head, I quess
Forgot to feed my cats
I hate my mom


6. Worse

I’m sitting in a taxi that ain’t gonna take me home
‘Couse the passenger right next to me happens to be a clown,
But clowns are scared of dark, I quess he’ll leave when lights go down
Then I will be left in this black taxi all alone

I left my shoes at his place
I ain’t gonna get them back
I left my shoes at his place
And my socks get wet in the rain

I first met my red-headed clown when I was only six
He took me to the riverside that grew up colouder sticks
Now since then we have done too many mistakes we can’t fix
I know I should be out there looking for some fresher dicks


7. Eka biisi

When I saw you hanging down
And my toenails feel to frown
Baby turn the next page
Unlock my heart’s cage

I’m your fairytale princess
In your dreams, so clean

Shall we or shall we not
Will you wait me at the bus stop?