Wow! What Was That, Baby?

(Gaea 2007)

    1. Rocket Chicks

    Cup cup of coffee and another one
    I believe the moon-rocket is on the run
    I’m a bit nervous, thou I shouldn’t be
    What If the space-girls are much prettier than me?

    11-9 to fix
    Relationship remix
    Rock rocket chicks

    Hot boy and my favourite toy you used to be
    But suddenly my only company is me
    You had too many other babes to fill
    So you went to moon ’cause I want no kill


    2. Angela Brown

    This one I learned from a TV-commercial
    I took your beers right out of the fridge
    Heated them up in the microwave oven
    Then put them back to their place when you came home

    My name is Angela Brown

    You know how much I hate all little creatures
    Still you grow up some bees at our place
    One of them got itself under my tea mug
    And oops it went right down the drain!

    Naa naa naa


    3. Somewhere I’d Be Worshipped

    Little girl likes Poets Of The Fall,
    it’s almost Pintandwefall,
    so she’s our fan

    Her favourite song is a part of a song,
    the part with the trioli
    She’s just six so I didn’t think she’d listen to
    that kinda music
    The other girl just five but likes them too
    listens to them every day
    Her favourite song is not the same song,
    to her is more beautiful

    Song number twelve and eleven,
    those are the great songs
    Pintandwefall doesn’t actually have
    that many songs yet
    We’re getting there though with a new set of songs
    I think they’re all brilliant!
    Everyone participates in our band,
    I think it’s also brilliant!


    4. Agentina

    Pack your bags and
    Leave all your cats and
    Take your hats and
    Just come with me

    Aa, that’s where I want to go-o-o

    You’ll meet your Ron and
    Have some fun and
    Play in the sun and
    Just come with me


    5. What is Shark

    Sharks are amazing fish
    They live all over the world
    They’ve been around for quite long
    They eat all the people

    Grey shak, Blue shark, Hammerhead shark,
    Lemon shark, Nurse shark, Galapagos shark,
    Tiger shark, Angel shark, Great White shark,
    Whale shark, Bull shark, Megamouth shark

    Sharks may have up to 3000 teeth at one time

    Sharks don’t have bones
    They can only swim forward
    They can be over a 100 years old
    And they eat all the people


    6. Disko

    In super-disko I see you boy
    I know that you could be my toy
    But don’t lurk under my dress
    Are you tryin’ to make my life a mess?

    “Do the disko!” I try to shout
    But everyone around is just being too loud
    No-one does it like you, babe
    I really need to see you shake!

    In super-disko I see you boy
    I know that you could me my toy


    7. Shoot the Amber, Baby!

    “Please peel me the grapes”,
    Says the girl on your right
    And you carve her shapes
    Oh what a fright !!

    I wanna love, love, love, love you
    I wanna love, love, love, love you

    But you don’t know me
    You just like this song
    And besides
    – I’m not blond

    I should take a left
    Shush, went bit too far
    Face you in this net
    Like parking a freakin’ car


    8. Alienlovesong

    He brought her flowers
    They took long showers
    And talked for hours
    It was kinda gross

    I’m gonna get you back

    When the aliens first came to earth, they were pretty friendly,
    And then they learned to speak our languages and took away our garbages
    But then they got all pissed off, ’cause we ran out of cheese-hamburgers
    And then they went back to their home and brought a gun that blew us up

    USA was his birthland
    He brought home sand
    He fucked her band
    And his socks smell bad


    9. Jack White

    I had this dream last night
    It was about Jack White
    We were kings at the Mario-level
    And we thought we looked pretty clever

    Oh no! I cannot stop thinking about him
    Jack White’s my new day dream pimp
    When I hear his guitar slide
    I know I no more need to fly


    10. John the Seahorse

    The citizens of Atlantic ocean reproduced too fast
    And they needed more living space from East
    The fish from Indian Ocean disagreed aggressively
    And sent their troops to the West Border
    John was the commander of the seahorse army that
    The Atlanticans first sent to face the battle
    He was fierce and fearless, he never left his men behind
    Even at the Indian Shark Attack

    Yeah it was rough rough rough
    But he was tough tough tough
    HHA tough

    After the shark attack all soldiers were beaten bad
    But John never thought of giving up
    He gathered his troops and got on with his route
    Which was leading them towards a massive fight
    They got ambushed by an enormous Indian Division that
    Also blocked John’s armys escapeway
    Thousands were killed and the sea turned red as John
    Heroicly tried to avoid the certain death

    He died with his boots on!


    11. That X-Box

    Cluedo ain’t my game YEH
    ‘cos it’s scary
    and I don’t like puzzles
    ‘cos the’re too heavy

    Twister is allright YEH
    but it can get too
    boring if you have to
    play it alone

    I don’t know how to draw YEH
    so pictionary
    ain’t my cup of tee NO
    and neither is scrabble

    Monopoly is too hard YEH
    I never win there
    and chess I’ve got clue of
    how to play it

    I have an X-Box,
    You’ve got Nintendo,
    But that’s a bit different, YEH

    Backgammon I can’t spell YEH
    so I won’t play it
    and oak it is too dull it’s got
    only two colours

    I dislike playing cards YEH
    because the hearts always
    slip away from my hands
    it’s so depressing

    Roulette is too tough YEH
    and alias I like but
    no-one ever get’s my

    Sex is one I like YEH
    but I don’t think it
    qualifies as a game so
    all I know is


    12. Sex song

    I daydream every time
    That you’d be by my side
    Someday I will find
    The Boy right from behind

    Touch me now inside
    I’ll do to you something you’d like
    And if you make me feel nice
    I’ll let you taste from my pint

    No more you will hide
    You come to me by your bike
    ‘Couse you think my ass is so tight
    Our game will last the whole night